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""" Reddit dataset for community detection """
from __future__ import absolute_import

import scipy.sparse as sp
import numpy as np
import os

from .dgl_dataset import DGLBuiltinDataset
from .utils import _get_dgl_url, generate_mask_tensor, load_graphs, save_graphs, deprecate_property
from .. import backend as F
from ..convert import from_scipy
from ..transforms import reorder_graph

[docs]class RedditDataset(DGLBuiltinDataset): r""" Reddit dataset for community detection (node classification) This is a graph dataset from Reddit posts made in the month of September, 2014. The node label in this case is the community, or “subreddit”, that a post belongs to. The authors sampled 50 large communities and built a post-to-post graph, connecting posts if the same user comments on both. In total this dataset contains 232,965 posts with an average degree of 492. We use the first 20 days for training and the remaining days for testing (with 30% used for validation). Reference: `<>`_ Statistics - Nodes: 232,965 - Edges: 114,615,892 - Node feature size: 602 - Number of training samples: 153,431 - Number of validation samples: 23,831 - Number of test samples: 55,703 Parameters ---------- self_loop : bool Whether load dataset with self loop connections. Default: False raw_dir : str Raw file directory to download/contains the input data directory. Default: ~/.dgl/ force_reload : bool Whether to reload the dataset. Default: False verbose : bool Whether to print out progress information. Default: True. transform : callable, optional A transform that takes in a :class:`~dgl.DGLGraph` object and returns a transformed version. The :class:`~dgl.DGLGraph` object will be transformed before every access. Attributes ---------- num_classes : int Number of classes for each node Examples -------- >>> data = RedditDataset() >>> g = data[0] >>> num_classes = data.num_classes >>> >>> # get node feature >>> feat = g.ndata['feat'] >>> >>> # get data split >>> train_mask = g.ndata['train_mask'] >>> val_mask = g.ndata['val_mask'] >>> test_mask = g.ndata['test_mask'] >>> >>> # get labels >>> label = g.ndata['label'] >>> >>> # Train, Validation and Test """ def __init__(self, self_loop=False, raw_dir=None, force_reload=False, verbose=False, transform=None): self_loop_str = "" if self_loop: self_loop_str = "_self_loop" _url = _get_dgl_url("dataset/reddit{}.zip".format(self_loop_str)) self._self_loop_str = self_loop_str super(RedditDataset, self).__init__(name='reddit{}'.format(self_loop_str), url=_url, raw_dir=raw_dir, force_reload=force_reload, verbose=verbose, transform=transform) def process(self): # graph coo_adj = sp.load_npz(os.path.join( self.raw_path, "reddit{}_graph.npz".format(self._self_loop_str))) self._graph = from_scipy(coo_adj) # features and labels reddit_data = np.load(os.path.join(self.raw_path, "reddit_data.npz")) features = reddit_data["feature"] labels = reddit_data["label"] # tarin/val/test indices node_types = reddit_data["node_types"] train_mask = (node_types == 1) val_mask = (node_types == 2) test_mask = (node_types == 3) self._graph.ndata['train_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(train_mask) self._graph.ndata['val_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(val_mask) self._graph.ndata['test_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(test_mask) self._graph.ndata['feat'] = F.tensor(features, dtype=F.data_type_dict['float32']) self._graph.ndata['label'] = F.tensor(labels, dtype=F.data_type_dict['int64']) self._graph = reorder_graph( self._graph, node_permute_algo='rcmk', edge_permute_algo='dst', store_ids=False) self._print_info() def has_cache(self): graph_path = os.path.join(self.save_path, 'dgl_graph.bin') if os.path.exists(graph_path): return True return False def save(self): graph_path = os.path.join(self.save_path, 'dgl_graph.bin') save_graphs(graph_path, self._graph) def load(self): graph_path = os.path.join(self.save_path, 'dgl_graph.bin') graphs, _ = load_graphs(graph_path) self._graph = graphs[0] self._graph.ndata['train_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(self._graph.ndata['train_mask'].numpy()) self._graph.ndata['val_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(self._graph.ndata['val_mask'].numpy()) self._graph.ndata['test_mask'] = generate_mask_tensor(self._graph.ndata['test_mask'].numpy()) self._print_info() def _print_info(self): if self.verbose: print('Finished data loading.') print(' NumNodes: {}'.format(self._graph.number_of_nodes())) print(' NumEdges: {}'.format(self._graph.number_of_edges())) print(' NumFeats: {}'.format(self._graph.ndata['feat'].shape[1])) print(' NumClasses: {}'.format(self.num_classes)) print(' NumTrainingSamples: {}'.format(F.nonzero_1d(self._graph.ndata['train_mask']).shape[0])) print(' NumValidationSamples: {}'.format(F.nonzero_1d(self._graph.ndata['val_mask']).shape[0])) print(' NumTestSamples: {}'.format(F.nonzero_1d(self._graph.ndata['test_mask']).shape[0])) @property def num_classes(self): r"""Number of classes for each node.""" return 41
[docs] def __getitem__(self, idx): r""" Get graph by index Parameters ---------- idx : int Item index Returns ------- :class:`dgl.DGLGraph` graph structure, node labels, node features and splitting masks: - ``ndata['label']``: node label - ``ndata['feat']``: node feature - ``ndata['train_mask']``: mask for training node set - ``ndata['val_mask']``: mask for validation node set - ``ndata['test_mask']:`` mask for test node set """ assert idx == 0, "Reddit Dataset only has one graph" if self._transform is None: return self._graph else: return self._transform(self._graph)
[docs] def __len__(self): r"""Number of graphs in the dataset""" return 1